Wednesday, June 29, 2011

THERRRE we go~!

SO, just updatin' some shiznit's for y'all.  Some of you already know this crap, but if you wanna also follow me not only here but elsewheres (it all leads back to here anyway, y'know?), check it:

Twitter: @ThatBastardFB
Facebook: ThatBastardFromBellingham

SO, for my next review I'm either gonna just take it as it comes, but I still don't know if it's gonna be love or hate.  I mean, there's SO MUCH that I love 'bout this place, but there's soooo much hate I can spout...

I dunno, what do y'all think?  If you happen to be in the Whatcom County area, or as far up as Birch Bay (I'm headin' up there tomorrow anyway, lol), hit me up and lemme see what I can do.

'til then, I gotta consider how the hell to do an RSS feed, what exactly I'm supposed to do with a Twitter anyway, and (above all else) attempt to make a myspace for the blog as well.

Lol maispice.

P.S. - don't just friend me, godommot fronk, put in the subject line "love the blog" or something like that.  Hrmph.

P.P.S. - did anyone notice the template change?  Is this better?  Should I just scrap this whole thing and try my hand, for the first time in (like) seven years, at just hard coding this damn thing?  I gotta admit, my coding is rusty as fuck, but meh...we'll see.

Hit me up, leave a comment and you can read the previous review directly from here:


  1. 0 COMMENTS?!?! WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE. You sir have been followed and are on my morning coffee. Be sure to check out all fucking FIVE of my blogs, if you need tips or have any you think might help me be sure to send me a line.

  2. thanks for the update ill make sure to follow you on twitter and facebook

  3. No problem with exercising those rusty skills! haha.