Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time to work...

SO, yeaaaah...I need to do work on the design of the Jerk.

Now, don't get me wrong: the content sure as hell ain't gonna change!  I'm just watching other bloggers for the first time and I realized, as I was favin' some of you and commentin' back and what-not...

Man, my blog freakin' sucks!

SO, graphic design change a-comin'~!  BUT, it ain't gonna be for another coupla days though.  Y'see, we got a busted outbound sewer line (or whatever the "grey water" line is for showers and sinks) here at the Bastardpad, and now we gotta get out of here because we're apparently growing toxic mushroom men in the basement crawlspace.

Let me rephrase this so all of my fellow horror fanatics out there can get what I'm sayin':

We are growing toxic mushroom men in our basement crawlspace.

THIS is why I keep my gun loaded with plus-p's.

For those of you who just joined up and commented, be welcomed and be prepared: I got more frothing-at-the-mouth hate/love-filled articles comin' atcha, BUT it's gonna take me a coupla days.

In the meantime, why dontcha check out my two new good friends (who have been roped into helping me move): Varolo J and "Sevententacles?"

We're gonna form the J-Club, since we all have names that start with J.  Fun stuff.

I'm still gonna tear VJ's flyers apart if he papers my beloved town with his filthy adverts.

ANYWAY: (make some cash!) (apparently he's the lead singer for some band out here, Anubis Unit)

Once I come back, I fry up a local coffeehouse for being overpriced, pretentious and basically appealing to ONLY hipster scum.

That and they couldn't make a mocha even to save their own lives.

Much love,

That Bastard From Bellingham


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