Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Updatin' and some stuff

So yeah, here it is!  The Bellingham Jerk, presented and written by me, That Bastard From Bellingham!

Some of you know me and know what I'm about, while others of you are scratching your head and probably saying "Why goeth such vulgarities?  This base canard does not know his business!"

And I say to you, "BAH, you don't know nothin', mang!  C'mon down to Railroad and let's here ya say that, ya fuck you!  People don't even talk like that anymore, you don't real!"

SO, what was with those first two posts?  Before I decided to embark on this newfangled blog thing (which everyone seems to have, writing on their cute little laptops in their cute little coffeeshops where I like to go and drink my overpriced coffee and write on my cute little laptop okay now I'm depressed, hnnng), I wanted to see what it would be like to write on said blog.  What would be my goal, y'know?  What am I trying to express here?

Bah, I'm a punk AND a barbaric I did what came naturally.

I wrote about something I hated, something I loved, and cursed a metric ton throughout it all.  Then I posted both of 'em here to get "caught up," including finishing up this third one I'm writing about a particular little coffee place that just grinds my gears.


I'm eventually going to write more blogs, and a FAQ and some-such.  BUT, I gotta go pick up my Partner-In-Crime from her work, and SOMEONE'S gotta cook dinner!

So anyway, why THIS post?

Well, to say thank you for your time for starters.  To convey my appreciation of you actually taking the time to read through my ramblings, mumblings, and curses.  Perhaps you're entertained?

Cool with me, man.

OH, also, I'm currently trying different things and one of them is a "Partnership" with an equally foul-mouthed little cretin who calls himself "Varolo J."  Somethin' about advertisements and some-such, sounds like a click-ad thing to me.  Anyway, I'm gonna try AdSense myself, but if you like what you see here you can join in on it too...

Dude is talkin' about paperin' Bellingham with flyers for this.  Me personally, I'm gonna vandalize 'em the moment I see them!


That Bastard From Bellingham