Friday, August 5, 2011

7/20/11 - A Tribute To Bay City Fish and Chips

Now...I'm not, for once, going to attempt to stir up trouble and controversy.  I'm not going to get into it with any of my British followers/commentators/readers 'bout who has the better Fish and Chips and such, whether any restaurant in America can ever match up to a good ol' British pub when it comes to Fish and Chips...

No, I'm just going to say how much I fuckin' LOVE Bay City Fish and Chips!

Now, Bay City is a baby frog amidst a sea of cobras.  There's the Waterfront, a great place for poker and food and is conviently located right next to the bay here in Bellingham that also has a slammin' fish and chips plate.  There's the Slo Pitch, ANOTHER place that offers great Texas Hold 'Em and also an amazing fish and chips plate.

Dude, I could go on and on (Ivar's, H. Salt Fish and Chips, hell even Long John Silver's) get the point.

Suffice it to say, amongst some of these giants, restaurants that have been around for years on years you have this newbie that shows up and just makes an offering.

And that fucking delicious.

So yer boy is hanging out with a guest Partner-In-Crime, right?  We're lookin' forward to gettin' stuff done and gettin' to band practice later on but right now we're at Costcutter on Sunset, right?  And I'm all, "Well damn...I don't got a lot of money, but I'm in the mood for somethin'.  I dunno-"

And that's when he pipes up with, "Dude, Bay City is right here!"

So we go there.  He suggests the fish and chips, and I proceed to do that thing I do where I, y'know, accost the help while they're doing their hardest to live up to their own business' creed and still smile.  To be quite honest, I AM a funny motherfucker if given a chance, y'know?  I had both the chefs crackin' up by the time my food came, and y'know what?

Despite the distraction I provided, the food was EXCELLENT!

For the record, it's been awhile since I've done heavily greased food, and I really REALLY shouldn't've done the three-fish choice!  Hell, one of those lovingly breaded, deliciously fried white Alaskan cod pieces would've been enough for meh!  Despite that, holy craaaap the smell!

That heavenly, divine smell!!!  It permeated the car and had us both drooling and decided whether or not I'd offer to share a bite of my delicious plate or deathmatch each other to see who would eat the food and, presumably, the loser as well.

Serious, that's the first thing that hits is the palate-pleasing, drool-inducing smell of deliciously breaded and fried fish.  Just perfectly done!!  The fries weren't bad, if a bit overdone, but overall it's all about that fish...

Now, I had to go and kill myself by adding the clam chowder.  Straight-up, no-holds-barred, no-excuses-given, add-more-hyphens clam chowder.  No tricks, no fancy flavor twists, just....clam freakin' chowder.  Doesn't taste like it's from a can, didn't see a can and THAT matters to me!

Sometimes that's all you need, y'knowwhatImean?

I'm certain they have other delicious fare (after all they have some pretty friggin' awesome sounding burgers, mang, and other soups and more seafood plates) but honestly the moment I tasted that fish, I knew my guest PIC was definitely in the right with this place!  Hell, I'm gonna go back again~!  That three peice only cost me 'round five bucks or so, and the clam chowder was an additional dollar or so.

Hey the price is right, the offerings are large and delicious (and greasy and heavy and awesome) and everything a deep-fried seafood platter place SHOULD be.  Seriously, if you're in Bellingham and you've got five bucks on yah and you need a meal that'll last you for the next two days, Bay City Fish and Chips got yer friggin' number.

You know what comes after a meal that heavy?  Why, it's the Brass Tacks Time:

Bay City Fish 'n Chips
1275 East Sunset Drive
Bellingham, WA 98226-3506
(360) 647-2222

Pros: I suggested to them upon the first taste of the clam chowder to be there at Fairhaven's Chowder-Off competition.  They might not cinch the win the first time around, but maaaan...this is a strong front runner!  Theeeen there's that delicious friggin' piece of fish!  Just no excuses, awesome fucking fish and chips.  Y'know, they also had sodas and other drinks and ice creams and pies and other desserts...but suffice it to say, everything was kinda dwarfed at the time by the fish and chips.  Perhaps I'll actually make a sequel post to this one just for the love of it.

Cons: Even the GREASE is good...and in this day and age of health-consciousness, that's a bad thing.  A very bad thing.  On the other hand so long as you're prepared for that, yer good to go!  I'd prefer this place if they were in their own place rather than in Costcutter of all places...also, my fries were on just this side of over-done.  Just consider yourself forewarned if you haven't had any heavy, greasy food before you go after these guys and do NOT suddenly just go "HURRR THREE PEICE FISH KTHXPLOX" and think you're gonna survive.  'Cuz man...I'm a hearty motherfucker, and that shit hit me like a brick!

VERDICT: Good GAWD that's some good fuckin' fish!  The fries didn't wow, but maaaaan that fish!!!

Rageometer: 2/10.  They really need a location of their own, not as part of Costcutter.  Also, I can't NOT point out that my fries were overdone.  BUUUUUUT I can't hate 'em since I WAS pointedly distracting them with my "witty banter."  De-emphasize wit in that phrase and there ya go.

Guest Partner-In-Crime's qoute: "Dude, these guys are fuckin' AWESOME!"

Guest PIC Rageometer: Nada, hell the motherfucker TOLD me of the place!

For more reviews about Bay City Fish 'n Chips, check 'em here:
(They're so new they only HAVE one review outside of mine, and it's this one here.  And they agree with every damn thing I said too~!  Greasy, delicious, good.)

P.S. - I actually hoped they had apple pie simply to spite my Partner-In-Crime who is currently back in California but will happily and eagerly share her stories of what she went through on the road with y'all and yours truly.  Love my baby, but maaaan...she's cute when she's angry!  Plus every now and then yours truly, That Bastard, just likes to, y'know, needle her a little and if I had been successful in acquiring said apple pie I would've SO called her up, danced around while on the phone and eaten that pie slice.

For no other reason than to get her goat.

Love ya, baby!

P.P.S. - did I mention that I REALLY would've been good with the one-piece meal?  I should've done that instead of the three-piece, 'cuz maaaan...those filets friggin' satisfy!!


  1. Damn, I want to eat fish now. I should stop reading your posts. :D

  2. I love fish and chips, the fish and chip shop around the corner doesn't open for hours though! I'm hungry now!

  3. This makes me wish I'd eaten more than a PB+J for dinner. Looks freakin' tasty, man. If only they'd give you a free platter of fried stuff for plugging them on the web...

  4. @Beer - MY MAAAAN, 'sup. The only probbo with getting free stuff (or letting people know who I am - if you knew even OF me you could spot me a mile away) is that it undermines the honor of my reviews. I mean, you just can't trust a motherfucker who takes bribes unless they share that bribe and does it on, say, youtube or somethin', right?

    Funny you mentioned Peanut Butter and Jelly, I got somethin' special comin' up on "That Bastard On...," it's gonna be a Bachelor Chow special detailing some of my oddball recipes. I will also allude to my Nightmare Oatmeal and Terror Oatmeal, two concoctions that is pure delicious and I might not share it after all since it's just that personally good, y'knowwhatImean?

    You cannot even fathom how awesome Terror Oatmeal and its' evolved form, the Nightmare Oatmeal, can be.

    @Zulu - HAHAHAHAHHA, if you ever find yourself in Bellingham, WA in the good ol' US of A, you should definitely come back to m'blog and learn the REAL places you should check out or avoid.


  5. Now I want some fish and chips. I'm landlocked, so everything here tastes like mud.

  6. Dude, how do you come up with so much content?? You must write your butt off. :P


    I cannot believe I haven't followed you yet. :O

    I love fish and chips. I'm hungry now.

  8. As I don't really like fish I won't speak my mind out on this one but I got another thing to tell you: you have just one big tag, you must seperate labels with a ",". Also, please remove the word verification ;)

  9. @Neon - duded, what? I'll take that into consideration with my tags though, I didn't know that, like, AT all~! :D Also, what word verification? It's been disabled since day 2 with this particular blog. Did you mean one of my other blogs? I just checked, you shouldn't be getting word verification.

    Unless you mean something else?

    @Lemons - AWWWWW, I will do my best to be worthy of your attentions, dear miss! May my penile efforts be worth it. heard me.

    @tracirz - Hello there my minimalist pal and fellow Washingtonian! Yes, I actually do just write my ass off...I type at a 80-100 wpm average, so as soon as I can think it I can type it.

    On the plus side (Which I'll be coverin' in my next That Bastard On..., btw) I'm looking into going back to college to get a degree in English. Literature and writing is what I'm good at, and the technical writing field requires a baccalaureate, y'know? That with a minor in communications (or vice versa) for the whole broadcasting's gonna be awesome.

    IF I can get past the financial aid, it's all good...

    @Shock - awwwww. Go visit a coastal town, then find yourself a good restaurant that specializes in fresh caught fish.

    Like, the fishermen just came in and sold it to the cook right on the docks, y'know?

    Hell, erase that: go find a wooden shack on the docks that specializes in fresh-caught fish and grub that shit up. Ain't nothin' like it, man~!

  10. Some people seem to have enjoyed fish and chips a bit too much, hahaha. Well, I'm glad you found the food appetizing.

  11. i have never had fish outside of a fancy restaurant or my house. i dont even know where there is a long john silvers

  12. I have always wanted to eat at Long Johns, everytime i see the commercial lol.

  13. @CharlesGodfrey - ey bro, good food's good, y'knowwhatImean?

    @Chaz - LJS ain't a fancy restaurant BUUUUUUT I gaurantee you that as of 2002 you could feed a car load of hungry dudes for only 20 bucks. I'm talkin' 'bout all the greasy fried good stuff and EVERYONE'S happy as a muhfugguh. There are other places too that are like it, like out here in Bellingham there's a little place called Ivar's. Pretty damn good fried and breaded fish, but it's part of a chain so I'm not gonna review it. BUUUUT I do suggestify it~!

    @Devour - Dude, you should~! If for no other reason than you can get stuffed for, like, five bucks no change and say that you thoroughly enjoyed yourself some "hush puppies" and deep-fried fat...I mean fish, deep-fried fish...

  14. I've never had Fish and Chips, well the proper Brittish Fish and Chips. I mean, I've been to Captain D's and got fried fish and fries, isn't that kind of the same?

  15. Okay, just checked out around half of your blogs (!) and total word count across your last three posts is close to 144,000. Priiiity sure this has something to do with the apocalypse so, I'm going out to get a shotgun and water purifier tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up.

  16. @Bowen - Man, I think you just made some of my British friends just die from aneurysms.

    Between you and me though, yeah...they just gotta be "slab cut" style, not french cut or anything.

    Apparently the British will shank you for saying otherwise.

    @nowaysj - R-really? Did I really write that much? Now if only I could do something with this pffft loltalent...

    To everyone, I apologize for having neither my new post nor my PIC's, but both of us are gettin' back into school and I simply can't AFFORD to go to a restaurant. BUUUUUT the moment I do (which should be in two weeks or so) I will gladly post it up here, what with all my vicious vile and poisonous curse words...

    Until then, please enjoy my other blogs too, yeah?