Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NOT THAT KINDA POST, just wanted to make a note here...

So yeah, like most of everyone today I'm pretty flat broke.  Which meaaaans no new review since last month.

For those of you who enjoy my bilious writings, I do apologize and can only offer that next month should be better, y'knowwhatImean?

BUT HEY, here's a coupla things we can cover really quick...

First and foremost, didja know I have more than just this blog that I'm writing?  Hell, I even have a personal blog now and it's FILLED with all sortsa WORDSWORDSWORDS, and it's even somewhat entertaining!

Anyway, my other blogs are worthy enough that I feel it's time to step up getting people addicted to me...I mean, introduce them to my writings!  SO, here's the plan: you guys tell your friends about yer boy, That Bastard, and his wonderful writing style while I go and masturbate to porn!

Everyone got it?  Alright, hands in the middle!

Alright everyone, on three - ready?


Anyway, the other thing is that I DO have other blogs, and I invite all of you to enjoy my personal blog as well.  For those of you who can't find the list I've placed on each blog, here ya go:

That Bastard On...

Soothe Your Freaking Beast

Man-Flavored Milk (I still don't know what the fuck I'm doin' with this one)

Netflix This!

So yeah, just hang out and check out mah stuff, yah?  Once me and my band has some stuff to post, I'll hook you guys up with links and such so you can give us your opinion.  Sounds good?  Sounds good!

OH!  You can also find me here:

Twitter: @ThatBastardFB
Tumblr: thatbastardfrombellingham
Facebook: ThatBastardFB
Naturally I'm at Googles+ as well, so hey if yer there too hit a bruddah up!

Also, just to let y'all know: I refuse to sully the Iron Maiden page with an actual comment from my shabby and inglorious self.  Instead I'll leave YOUR wonderful comments up.  If y'all haven't done so yet, go buy some Iron Maiden merch and let 'em know you love 'em.

And no, Bruce Dickinson isn't gay...but he's probably a powertop.  Oh god, can you imagine him and Rob Halford?  That'd be the most brutal gaybuttsex ever.

WITH THEIR PENISEEEEES no seriously Dickinson has, like, two kids and is on his second or third wife.

Anyway, I've got a new post up over at Soothe (alla 'bout Dem Brooklyn Bums), my Hot and Current review of CONAN TRIPLEDEE at Netflix This, and also my usual keyboard diarrhea over at Man-Flavored Milk.

Remember, I don't own ANY of these videos.  I don't think I'll need to have to, y'know, place a banner about the obvious just yet...maybe after I buy my own domain name and actually design these blogs to my own specs.

We'll see.


~That Bastard


  1. fuck, if I even think about this combination, my ass explodes into bits.
    And I'm dead serious, Bruce Dickinson is as gay as that purple dinosaur named Barney

    you were already on dat post so chances are low youll be visiting the same post again and read it, hence this comment ;D
    delete it if you want

  3. I already have so much Iron Maiden merch, but oh well...I'll go get more if I must..

  4. nice. going to check out your other blogs

  5. Keep posting you glorious bastard! Your writing and rage never fails to amuse me!

  6. Can you point me toward the one you update most often? Because I find myself bouncing around damn near all of them every time I'm trying to find the newest post.

  7. @Neon - BWABWABWA

    @Beer - I find myself posting mostly on either...well, I reckon That Bastard On (thatbastardon.blogspot.com), my personal blog has been receiving a lot of love from me.

    Plus it's suggestabbible to manly men such as yourself. Selves. Which one are you?

    @Bowen - DO IT!

    @Chaz - Yeaaaaah boyee~!

    @ICOTD - Awwww, Ilu2, broski. Don't worry, I've still got shit to post, especially now since I DERP have time again dalfjalgjlakargl;e...

    I've gotta figure out a system of posting comments as well as blog postings.

    Sorry for the retarded redundancy, but there ya go. :D

  8. I really enjoy reading your posts, but I never can decide which blog to check for updates! IT'S SO CONFUSING!

  9. I'm happy that you have multiple blogs. I only have two, and you inspire me to keep creating. Kudos, Bastard!

  10. Lol I agree with Zulu "] I kinda have to just guess to click on one "] but its not much of a problem.

  11. I sometimes have zulu's problem, so I click on one of the blogs randomly and I know I'll always find another great post by you! Just don't stop updating!

  12. Where did you go? I've been missing your bilious comments!! XD

    And also

  13. Hey guys, did I miss anything? As soon as I find that review, I got a doozy of an angry one to post.

    Seriously, fuck LAX and their restaurants. Don't wanna give away too much, but no seriously - fuck those fucking clown shoes. They're not even normal clown shoes, they're clown shoes gaiden.

    Yeah, I went there godommot fronk.