Friday, December 30, 2011

Why hello there, cutie pie!

Jeebuz Freakin' Christ, I haven't updated this blog since August?!

Well, to be honest I also haven't had, y'know, CASH which is what's kinda needed to, y'know, BUY food at a restaurant.

Suffice it to say since then I haven't actually been to a restaurant that deserves either love or hatred since my last review buuuuut I DO see a little bit of light on the dark horizon: once I get back to Bellingham I'll be right back on the job hunt, I got a demo to cut (and a few other sample songs to do - here's to hopin' I don't get sued~!), gettin' back into college (English/Broadcast-Communications), and physical training to do.  No matter what though is gettin' a job first and foremost: with money comes restaurants to destroy/lurve.

Eh well, in the very least I DO have other blogs for y'all to enjoy which aren't (as badly at least) as dilapidated as The Bellingham Jerk and are as up-to-date as September.  Go on and re-read some articles or discover the rage for the first time, either way I'll be visiting and commenting (WHOLE PAGE LONG COMMENTARY!) once again on my regulars while paring down my watchlist because, to be quite honest I was at one point in time commenting and reading at something like 50+ blogs...and that kinda shit gets rough after awhile.

So if you notice that my miles-long worth of tl;dr comments dissapear from your blog and you want 'em back just hit me up and I'll be right back on it~!  In the meantime:

The Pen Is My Sword

Netflix This!

Man-Flavored Milk

Soothe Your Freaking Beast

That Bastard On...

and, naturally, what started it all:

The Bellingham Jerk

Also, I have a new Partner In Crime and a whole lotta busy to look forward to in 2012.

Here's to a great demo, yah?  Gotta start recording the MOMENT I get back in Bellingham...


That Bastard


  1. I hear you on the reading and commenting, brother. It's enough to make me want to punch myself sometimes. Good luck with the job hunt.

  2. LOL random punching commentary.

    Thanks bro~!