Saturday, December 15, 2012

12/15/12 - I Came Home

For once, I am reviewing a place the DAY I ate there.

Fuck everything, the whole world can fucking explode on 12/21/12 now and I shall die a complete man.

You see, I have eaten at Home Skillet...and it is fucking GOOD!

Now, the story goes as this: some of you know how I rock the Hooligans vidyuh game podcast review with Ace Nelson hisgoddamnself, right? (

Well, he told me 'bout this place he went to with two other mutual friends.  Now, this surprised me: I thought I knew of ALL the hole-in-a-wall diners and eateries here in Bellingham, when lo and behold a new mecca of culinary surprises hath opened up!

Home Skillet!

Located at Kentucky Street and...well,, y'see....

Well, here's the thing about it.  It's a "cozy," tiny little shack that can seat thirty if you're lucky and don't mind sharing table space with complete (but cool) strangers.  Seriously, it's a tiny shack but the food is so good and the atmosphere is so comfortable that you're not going to notice so long as you're not claustrophobic or not in the mood to socialize.

With only one chef and possibly three waitstaff, the place is the definitive mom-and-pop joint, with all kinds of awesome kitsch adorning the walls.  The place is brightly painted, and the whole location radiates with a proud kinda love of the game, not just in cooking but in the hand-painted walls, the friendliness of the crew, everything about the place is just fuckin' awesome.

The menu's have the kind of hand-done charm that a true diner SHOULD have, and the pride in their food...well, shit, let's get to the meat of this thing, sunn.







 That's right, motherfuckin' "The Cure Burrito," the biggest godamndest breakfast burrito I've ever gotten for 10 bucks!  LOADED with roasted (at least they tasted roasted!) potatoes, HUGE chunks of ham, eggs, and I don't know how they prepared the strips of onions and bell pepper, but jesus christ it was delicious!  And did I mention chorizo gravvy?  Because yes, that's chorizo gravy.


Now, what I got has destroyed better men than I, oh dear Reader!  BUT, I am happy to say I had defeated the beast...


Then OVERKILLED that motherfucker, destroying my third cup of coffee and the water to boot.  Why?



Er, that is, conquer it. :3  SO, view now this bounteous feast, laid out for thine eyes and ravaged and ravished by my destructive maw!

Or some junk.

Anyway, Ace got the Pulled Pork and Hash Browns-n-Eggs, and yes...soooooo fuckin' good!  Did I mention the coffee rub and marinade said pulled pork gets?

The char tasted like bacon, godammit!!!!

Oh yeaaaaah, slow roasted goodness!  AND, to make matters even better?

THAT'S SPELLED "MAN SAUCE," BOY!  Do you see that grip?  That fucking grip?  That's the Hooligan representation of how fucking awesome this barbecue sauce is, made in-house and starting with a coffee reduction!

Coffee.  Barbecue.  Sauce.

Now, I've been a huge lover of local barbecue sauces for awhile now...and Sweet Baby Ray's (not a local, but still) is STILL the best I've ever had.  A close second?

This one has beaten out every other local sauce and proceeded to take their lunch money.

Holy SHIT this is good!  Mix it with the chorizo gravy, and you've got yourself a sure-fire Hooligan DELIGHT!

Suffice it to say, I love this place.  It doesn't beat Little Cheerful out, especially with the claustrophobic surroundings and time (they only have one chef, after all!), but pound for pound this place packs TOO much good food under one tiny-assed roof!  Honestly, this is the first time an eatery has tied with Little Cheerful in my heart, and y'know what?

That's just fine. :D

Fucking, dig these extra pic, yo!  Good GOD, this food man...


THIS is how you eat a goddamn breakfast burrito smothered in chorizo gravy and coffee-reduced barbecue sauce!

But y'know what?  Fuck what ya heard, it's time for Brass Tacks~!

521 Kentucky Street 
Bellingham, WA
(360) 676-6218


Yes, that says Salmon Hash and Eggs!  YES, they have Sweet Potato Tater Tots!!

The Redonkulous Pork Sandwich and the Barnyard Sandwich or can-NOT tell me that doesn't sound good, and I'm not even that into chicken-fried steak!!!!

Cons: Despite the awesome decor and wonderful paint job, I need to seriously point out the cramped conditions.  Well, "cramped" is too harsh a word - "cozy" is better, but there's a reason why on the menu they have "Eat it and beat it" on there.  They honestly love their customers (you can NOT give portions like this at the prices they charge without having love of the game now!), but the bar is ALWAYS full, the place is pretty packed and yer gonna have to leave your social phobias and claustrophobia at the door if you want to eat in-house.  Otherwise, order and wait your punk ass at the car!

Also, did you note those times?  This place is breakfast/brunch/lunch onry, and they don't even serve lunches on the weekends. :3  There ARE reasons, but I forgot it the moment I took a bite of that chorizo gravy~!

VERDICT: I am going to come back here.  I am going to come back here SOON!  I am going to come back here and perhaps bring a friend or two, but to be quite honest I'm going to come here early in the morning and jack a spot at the bar.  I will then proceed to eat and drink for nigh on four hours and smirk and snark at ANYONE who attempts to persuade me to leave my spot.

And woebetide the first person who attempts to get me to leave while I'm still eating and drinking coffee!!!

Rageometer: >broken<  Y'know, this doesn't even register on the Rageometer.  I simply canNOT hate on this place!  Say what you will about the closeness of the company, the waitstaff and menu apparently doesn't mind if you mingle there, and they'll even seat complete strangers at the big "drafting" tables.  This is the kind of place where you can partake in every conversation in the room and no one minds.  This is the kind of place where you can see something you like, ask the person if it's good and find yourself in a conversation with the entire room comparing meals and offering each other the various sauces that have made their way around the room.

And with pineapple habanero and coffee-reduced barbecue sauce, that's a GOOD thing!

I am happy.  I am so fucking happy with this place!

PIC Segment: >broken indefinitely<

Sorry, dear Reader, but I've come across the idea recently that I don't even need a PIC.  It was nice while it lasted, but until I find a constant companion, reckon I won't really be needin' this...unless you guys ask nicely enough.  Maybe THEN I'll bring it back.  'til then, fuck it. :3

On the other hand, here's a few other opinions that apparently mirror mine!

Wait, do I spy a BAD review on these guys?  Why I oughta...I understand not everyone can be made happy, but seriously - this guy has the ONLY bad review I see. :3  Apparently he tried them twice.  Apparently, he disliked their offerings both times.

I do wonder if there's a second side to that story though, lol...

Overall: fast shipping, superb service, A+++, would buy from again, great vendor!  I am SO coming back for those fucking sweet potato tater tots....I WILL DESTROY A FULLY-LOADED CHUCK BURGER OR HOT GREEN MESS NEXT, JUST YOU WATCH!!!!!  FOR I AM THE TRUE EMPEROR OF BELLINGHAM!!!!!  D:<<<


~That Bastard From Bellingham

P.S. - S-sssssoooooo fucking good!!!!!!!

P.P.S. - In b4 "The Yummy Bits had pictures first" I don't care I have a smartphone now, nigga. :3

P.P.P.S. - In b4 "The Other Yummy Bits" I did that joke first, stop bein' a basic bitch. =@3@=


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