Saturday, December 14, 2013

Overhauls and more~!

As always, I finish these updates with the last one going on my first blog ever.

I know it's been some time since I've posted here, but c'mon - since the last time I was a regular diner-visitor, I've been homeless, continuously broke, and worse.

So yeah, let's just say I DO have reviews to post up sometime, just gotta get to it.

With that stated, I've been incredibly busy with The Generalist Fundraiser and Internuggetathon, trying to raise money so I can kick off my career with a whomping massive amount of books to sell at Portland City Comic-Con.

Hell, I'm possibly going to host a panel there too!

So without further adieu, I'm askin' you guys to either donate directly (hey, you're not going to miss a single dollar, AND you'll get an awesome reward for doing so!), or just pass the message along on your blogs, whatever groups you're on, websites, or even pages on Facebook.

Hell, if you donate $10 or more, you can even snag the extra reward of adspace on!

Hey, you an ALWAYS use more adspace!

Check it out yourself:


So we just got word that as of now, will give AD SPACE ON THEIR WEBSITE to match your donation!

$10 - 1 day
$25 - 3 days
$50 - 5 days
$75 - 7 days (counting a Saturday and Sunday)
$100 - 14 days

Keep in mind it has to be per their advertisement policies. Once it's time to deliver pledge rewards, please make yourself available to speak to a representative from SFN.

Make sure to state that you're donating for the bonus ad space - this is ON TOP of the pledge rewards already listed!

What are ya waitin' for? GO FOR IT!



The Fundraiser and Internuggetathon:

~Thomas Duder, Author of the Things

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